What do I do? Basically, I try to make stuff look good. I try to make things clear to people. I bring order to complexity. This is a strange thing to say to the other parents on the soccer field, so I usually just say "I'm in advertising".

My objective on my resume says "to contribute to an organization as a Creative Director, where I can help establish the direction of creative concepts, lead and mentor others, and create highly engaging work in any given media."

It's hard to make a list of skills because you have to dance on the head of a pin daily. But here it is:


• Program Skills: Proficient in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and PhotoShop, QuarkXpress, Keynote,  
  Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, DreamWeaver, Flash, iMovie, Final Cut Pro

• Project Management: plan, assign, prioritize and track the execution of multiple projects to meet   
  aggressive deadlines

• Creative Management: direct internal and external creative resources on the execution of Branded   
  marketing materials, which includes influencing the development of copy and content to be consistent  
  with Brand guidelines.

• Vendor Management: manage internal and external service providers on the design, development,
  delivery and timing of marketing and communications materials.

• Skilled in web strategies and social media formats

• Executed POA materials from concept through tactical applications

• Managed creative departments: hired talent, established procedures (6 to 8 


• Managed studios: Established art studio, hired artists, established studio supply 

  budget & procedures, ordered supplies

• Conceived and produced print, television, direct mail, web advertising and design

• Established creative briefs and production procedures for creative departments

• Proficient at create cost estimates, time tables, and schedules




    Paul Federico wants to leave the world in a little better place than when he came into it.


    March 2014